The meaning behind the name..

Wabi-Sabi - (.noun) Japanese. The discovery of beauty in imperfection; the acceptance of the life and death.

What better way is there to introduce you to this blog, than explaining the thought that went into the name bannering across the top of your screen.

"The Art of Blossoming in a Beautifully Broken World."

After spending hours and hours trawling through Google searches and seeking for inspiration, I never thought finding the perfect name for a tell-all about life would be so hard.

The high-school English obsessed nerd within me has always been a sucker for alliteration, rare words, and oxymorons, so I started with a lot of ideas to play with.

Unfortunately it soon became obvious that the more obscure the word, the more complicated the spelling, and so that idea quickly flew out of the window. However, it did lead to the subheadings you will find just beneath the title. Each one will tie into the subject of the article, provoke a little more thought, and make me feel a little more intelligent.

Despite my Mum's disapproval, I knew I didn't want my name involved in BIG letters for all to see.

(If she had her way, your web browser would currently read ''!) As we will be getting down to the knitty-gritty, dirty details of my life, only having my name in small font seems to make the exchanging of juicy gossip as lot less of a scary concept.

Plus it just doesn't float my boat, you know? I mean, I don't dislike my name, but ABBY is just not much of a power-house name, like Estelle, or Bree, or Valencia. (I definitely did not just Google female power-house names...)

With all of these things in mind, the goal was to find a name that'd capture the ethos of the blog; exposing all things good and bad. It needed to be elegant yet revealing, with a hint of enticement and relatability. Create imagery of how the world is perfectly imperfect, just like its contents.

Now, we all know the story of the caterpillar building its cocoon and transforming into a glorious butterfly, and this reigns true in everything around us. We grow from babies to toddlers, toddlers to children, children to teens, and so on. We reach milestone after milestone: first words, first steps, first day at school. And Into adulthood these continue: first day at our job, first heartbreak, first baby, first house, first anniversary. The world is constantly evolving, Science is revolutionising, seasons are changing, we are growing.

Take flowers for example, they adapt to their environment to survive and thrive. They have thick leaves to hold moisture, and long roots to absorb water from deep underground. Some grow thorns or produce toxic sap to defend themselves from predators. Some can grow low and close to the ground to protect from the cold and wind. They make changes in order to blossom

Now relate this to us... If we sit and wait for external conditions to change, we will be miserable, waiting for the world around us to make us happy. Whilst sitting and wallowing when things go wrong can be somewhat soothing, at a certain point we need to realise that the only person that we can depend on for our growth and happiness is ourselves. We need to get up, brush ourselves off, and allow ourselves to blossom into the best person we can be.

Beautifully broken. Amazingly awful. Wonderfully wretched.

These are a few word pairings that I batted around, and I think the theme among them is pretty clear.

Life is a gift, but this doesn't mean it'll always be peachy. I often have moments where I look at the ruin around me and wonder, does it really get better? One day I'll be gliding around in my own little bubble, blissfully unaware, and then reality will swoop in with a needle and send me hurtling through the air. And yes, sometimes it does feel better to blame the universe for the curve-ball that it has thrown you; but once dust has settled and the skies have cleared, the light will start to shine through and the world around you will regain it's sparkle.

Broken things can become stronger.

Don't believe me?

  • Stretch marks... Most of us can admit, we've looked in the mirror and been disgusted when we've noticed them. Why are they there? Have I gained weight? Why don't they have them, and I do? But the presence of these marks don't reduce your worth. They show what your body is capable of. They show resilience and strength. It has protected and nourished you; stayed with you throughout your story and grown with you. They're stripes you have earnt for the life you are living.

  • Scars... We all wish we hadn't done something or been somewhere at a specific time because we were left with a nasty wound that forever left it's mark. A physical trauma, or a mental one. But those marks tell a story, taught us lessons, remind us of what once was compared to where we are now. You were stronger than what-ever it was that hurt you, remember that.

  • Heartbreak... Something we'll all experience in one form or another. Breaking up with your partner, losing a friend, or the death of a loved one. The pain can be relentless, unbearable, and sneak up on you without any warning. Its a wound that you can't put a plaster on to heal. But to be broken-hearted means you have to have loved with your whole heart. It needs to break in order to let the new light in.

It is all of these things and more that make us unique; the stories that taught us lessons, the pain that built up our strength, and the fears that made us braver. We're all beautifully broken people living in a beautifully broken world.

So whilst to any outsider the words that title the screen may not mean anything, to me I have chosen the perfect name. It tells the story that I want it to tell. Exactly the right amount of bitter-sweet. Just as this blog will be.

Until next time,

Abby x

P.S. Let me know below what you think about the subheading words at the beginning of each post, and if you have any goodens send 'em my way!


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