Meeting a magician

Arcane - (adjective) Secret, mysterious, understood by only a few.

I'm back again with more on the dating chronicles.. and this is a story about the strangest date that I have ever been on... don't worry - its a short(ish) one!

Reserved - Hitesh Dewasi (@IAmHiteshDewasi)


It all started in August last year, when I became a bit of a wild child once lock-down had eased. I decided that I was perhaps ready to test the relationship waters and therefore, I downloaded Hinge.

If you didn't read my 'dating drama' post..

1) Why the heck not?!

Here's the link.. No excuses!

2) Hinge is a dating app that consists of 6 chosen photos and 3 answers to preset questions. The layout means that each profile will show the details that most people will want to know: job, height, kids, if you drink/smoke/do drugs. It's the best for people with specific requirements (aka picky people, like me!)

When you see a profile that takes your fancy, you can 'like' or comment on one of their pictures or answers, and that's how you begin to chat.

One night, I was at a friend's party and I was completely surrounded by couples. It made me feel a bit down in the dumps, being on my own and all, and so I took my booze-confident butt out of the room, sat on the stairs and took out my phone.

Now, I have been on Tinder for years, but this app was very new to me. I'm not very reliable when it comes to answering messages, nor talented when flirting, so normally I prefer to meet people organically.

However, due to my newly found recklessness (I think that's the best way to describe what it was), I took a dive into the dating pool - well, I think it was more a belly-flop in to the deep end!

It'd been a few weeks since I had last used Hinge and I remember feeling the most (romantically) lonely I probably ever had. I opened up the app and saw a message from a boy asking me on a date, and on a whim, I said yes!

The panic

Fast forward a few days, and I was in my room getting all dolled up to meet at Turtle Bay at 7pm. I was in a great mood, feeling confident and unstoppable, and so I left the house to walk into town.

And then something changed.. The whole night went downhill from then onwards.

Leaving myself plenty of time, I got into the city centre within 10 minutes. T-5 minutes until we were meeting.

And then it struck me, what the hell was I doing?!

I had agreed to the date whilst I was incredibly intoxicated and incredibly lonely.

I knew nothing about the boy, and he knew nothing about me.

I hadn't been on a first date with a stranger in FOUR years!

Needless to say, I went in to fully-fledged panic.

I rang my Mum, tears in my eyes, breathless, panting, and verging on bringing up my days food intake on to the pavement. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't muster up the courage to walk around the corner and over to the restaurant. I couldn't cancel because I couldn't let him down, he would be there by now. I was stuck.

After 10 minutes of reassurance over the phone, we struck a deal that she would talk into town and should I want to go home, she would walk with me. If not, she'd go for a drink with her boyfriend and be around if anything happened.

I composed myself, had a few extra words of encouragement from a friend - advice that was invaluable, and walked in.

Go in, say hi, tell him you're nervous and he'll start talking. Have a drink, and get all the small talk in the open.
Its a drink with a person, that's all. Take some deep breaths. You've made all of this effort, you're charming and make people laugh, go and make this guy smile. It'll make his night!
See him and smile, it lights up your face.

The date

We headed on in and found our table, at the edge of the restaurant in front of the window. He was perfectly lovely, polite, well educated and nicely dressed. We ordered some drinks and got to talking.

Cocktails  - Melissa Walker Horn

All was going relatively well.. That is until I saw a short woman with a mass of long purple hair, with her forehead practically pressed up against the glass right behind him... It was my mum and her boyfriend.

As hard as I tried to focus on him talking, she spotted me and began waving profusely. He turned, looked, and said, "do you know that woman?"


The magic tricks:

A little while (and some food) later we got to talking about our hobbies, and that's right; you guessed it... he is a practising magician.

Upon sharing this information, he proceeded to take a deck of cards out of his pocket and start shooting them from one hand to another, very obviously.

Jose Aljovin - Card tricks

He told me to pick a card, draw on it (I drew a smiley face, much to his disappointment because apparently people normally opt for something a little less PG - shock) and miraculously the same card was the background on his phone.

I then had to hold the deck of cards, whilst he fiddled around doing something, and the next thing I knew the deck of cards in my hand had been replaced by an acrylic block.

I have to give it to the guy, he was really, really talented, but it didn't go in his favour on this particular occasion..

Each trick he performed left me completely speechless, but not in a good way. I wasn't in awe of the talent, it was just completely boggling to me. I felt overwhelmingly stupid.

Not to mention seeing the numerous eyes around the room watching; seeing how uncomfortable I looked. I just wanted to vanish; become one with the seat cushions - after all, aren't magician's supposed to help you disappear?.

Eventually we left Turtle Bay as our booking time had ran out and we parted ways. I think it's safe to say that it wasn't the best experience to welcome me back into the dating world...


So, that was the first and last time meeting a magician.

Julius Drost - Burning Playing Cards Photo

Call me picky, but while I'm all for quirky characters and cool party tricks, I think that night just gave me severe trust issues.

He was well cultured; he'd been to Mexico and bought tequila with the worm(!), had a good background and privileged upbringing, and travelled frequently.

Meanwhile, I'm a home girl with a common sailors mouth, a questionable dress-sense, a mad cat family, and I smuggle vodka into nightclubs in my bra and the waist line of my skirts.

I could be wrong, but I think we were as good a match as orange juice and toothpaste...

Any who, I hope you enjoyed this very strange story... I hope its more fun to read than it was to experience!

If you have any stories (or links) email them over to me at, or leave them in the contact box below and let me know if you'd like them featured - anonymous is fine - I'd love to hear them!

Until next time,

Abby x


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